Providing smart technological solutions to
give our partners advantage in creating of
cutting-edge products
We created the world first
smartphone with two screens.
YotaPhone – the first smartphone with
Electronic Paper Display

With unique YETI platform
EPD integration
become so easy
as never

• Complex software solution reduces efforts for
EPD integration.
• Support of different types of devices.
• Get maximum features for EPD with YETI
Key values of EPD:

Use it in sunny conditions,
where normal displays are pale

The brighter sun shines,
the better you see picture on EPD.

EPD is Always On

Once a picture has been displayed on
screen, it can remain there forever.

No battery needed for that.

Comfortable reading

Enjoy pleasant and conventional reading
on Electronic Paper Display.

It's perceived by eyes like a normal paper.

Use Electronic Paper Display in different types of devices:




Smart devices
and IoT

Wearable devices

Single screen


Dual screen

YETI platform features for the best user experience

Notifications on Always On

• Never miss important calls,
messages or events.

• See it on the back side of your
phone. Customize notifications,
which almost don't consume
battery power.

Tired of eternal turning of your
smartphone On and Off?
Use Always On Display.

Display any important messages on the
second screen.

Make information always visible
and not consuming power as
the main screen:

• Shopping list.
• Agenda for meetings.
• Notes for presentation.

Customized widgets on your
Always On Display

Your favorite widgets that you
can configure as you like.

Reading as on paper

• Enjoy pleasant reading
on paper-like display

• Comfortable for your eyes

Get fun of different unique scenarios
with EPD!

• Smile-for-the camera
• Chess
• Checkers
• Sudoku

Get advantages of Electronic
Paper Display with your
favorite applications.

Any of your favorite applications can
be opened on Always On Display.

For example, Always On not
reflecting on sun navigator,
which consumes too little

Access all your most important
information even when your
battery is completely down

• Use your Always On Display
if your battery is low.

• Use Zombie mode* if your
battery is dead.

*Zombie mode — special mode that
allows to access yourmost important
information on Always On Display
when the battery is fully down.

YOTA Technologies provides full stack solution for fast integration
of EPD into any device
OS with YETI
Your device

YOTA Technologies provides open SDK
for developers

Develop your applications as fast and easy as you do it for
standard display.

Applications developed on YETI platform work on
any type of device, where the platform is installed,
and can be published in app markets.

Fast and energy-efficient
YOTA Technologies
EPD Controller

• YOTA Technologies has wide experience of EPD performance
tuning and ready to share it.

• Achieve the best image optical quality and speed on EPD
with our Controller.

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