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Ever given a thought about the various types of hunting equipment one requires besides the usual bowhunting equipment like the best carbon arrows or broadhead? For all those who use guns, you must be aware about the Burris Scope, but do you know where these Burris Scopes are manufactured? How do these benefit your hunting or shooting skills for the matter of fact?

These are commonly used optical gear for your rifles, and they can astonish you by the features they offer. Read on as we intend to provide you the things to know about the Burris Scope. We’ll also explain where these are made and some frequent questions that you must consider while you purchase one.

Where Are Burris Scopes Manufactured?- Information From The Scratch

Manufactured by well-known hunting optics manufacturer Don Burris, Burris Scope is a significant piece of hunting equipment shooters require to gain a better vision of their targets despite how poor the condition or the surrounding is.

This was created in a USA-based company named Burris Optics. The rifle scope name was the first thing Burris created for his business in 1975. In the next four years, the company produced even more specific products for shooting and hunting that were available in various models. Their specifications met the consumers’ needs to a great level.

Today, they are growing, expanding, and launching innovative product lines to remain at the top of the market. In order to eliminate the additional expenses, the company hired agencies in the Philippines for production of the Burris Scope and other products related to optics. Because they intended to save the labor cost, the Full Field II Scope series emerged in the Philippines.

Regardless of where these were made, the company has gained worldwide recognition, it has been laureled by various awards. Thus creating a huge impression in the global optic market.

How To Choose The Best Burris Scope?

As we said, there are different types of Burris Scopes to choose from. You can find an array of products on their official website and even shops.

One popular product for many users of Burris Scope would be the Burris Signature Select 3-10 × 40 or the Full Field II series, these are the b at for it’s visual magnification.

With the extreme attention and details, they ensure that you have a clear sight of your field and game to hunt to the best of your potential. The products Burris Scope offers are all reliable, durable, and waterproof with the stiff design that promises to last for a longer time span.

A recognized model from the brand would be the Full Field II 2-7 × 25mm which has the impressive features that can work in either hunting situations or tactical times. You can utilize the various grades of Burris Scopes for aiming your target, whether it is a shorter range or a longer one. No matter where you are or what you’re trying to aim, you can always count on the precision and the accuracy offered through it.

With it’s high-quality lens that transmits lights without harming your sight, you can safely claim that all Burris Scope products meet the standards of international criteria.

Steps To Sight With A Burris Scope

Since you know what a Burris Scope is, let’s come to how you can use it to sight and achieve your target? Read the steps below and install them:

Step 1

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer and attach the scope to your firearm properly.

Step 2

Post spotting your game, set the target to the approximate distance range from where you plan to shoot. Set up your shooting stand and then place your firearm on it to be prepared.

Step 3 

Align your scope on the center dot, firing three rounds. Now compare the bullets to the center dot. All holes should be grouped on the target. If it is scattered then adjust the windage knob and try to shoot again to make sure it is accurate. Remember all shots must be close to the center dot. 

Step 4 

In this step 4 you need to reline the scope and adjust crosshairs with the scope’s elevation knob to adjust it in the middle. Open fire for a few shots to check the consistency and closeness of your aimed target. Repeat this if needed, fire another round of three shots until all the shots are close together. Then you’re done sighting and are ready to achieve your set target with the needed accuracy.


When it comes to purchasing hunting gear for your gun, you can never joke with a Burris Scope. No matter where it is manufactured, you are still assured of it’s quality and specifications set by the company. Well there must be a reason why they are the best in the market! We hope the article gave you some insights about ” where are Burris Scopes made?” Now that you know much about it, go give it a try and invest in the most suitable scopes.

Get back to us if you have any questions or are keen to share your experiences with a Burris Scope.


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