YOTA/ Jiuzhou Zhihe Signed Agreement on Strategic Cooperation and Development on First-ever Dual Screen Tablet with Two Fronts

YOTA Technologies (“YOTA”)and Shenzhen Jiuzhou Zhihe Technology Co., Ltd (“Jiuzhou Zhihe”), the subsidiary of Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JEZETEK”), held a Cooperation Signing Ceremony in Shenzhen on 18 December 2018. The two parties announced that they would work closely on the development of the first-ever tablet with two fronts as well as its promotions & business development.

Technology cooperation- requisition for global expansion.

We are delighted to share that on October 12th, 2018 China Baoli Technologies Holdings Limited (“China Baoli”)- our strategic investor, and Zhejiang Jiu Jiu Sharing Information Technology Co., Ltd. ( (“Jiu Jiu”) have entered into a technology cooperation agreement in relation to the cooperation on the development of “Xinhua 99” dual-screen mobile devices and the construction of the “Xinhua 99” sharing platform (“Xinhua 99 Project”)
Jiu Jiu and China Baoli established an exclusive global cooperation in relation to the Xinhua 99 Project.
About the Project: Xinhua 99 Project originates from the sharing economy idea with its major focus on advertising and information dissemination. It aims to build a comprehensive community through the “Xinhua 99” mobile devices (the “Xinhua 99 mobile devices”) utilizing the dual screen technology and the “Xinhua 99” application (the “Xinhua 99 APP”). This community service platform integrates advertising, information, e-commerce and community by providing multiple functions including economic information, O2O, online transactions, integrated communication and community resources.
The Xinhua 99 mobile device is a transformation of the Group’s YOTA mobile device and has adopted YOTA’s dual-screen technology in its hardware. The back screen can be used for internet surfing, reading, advertising and conducting e-commerce. The Group will be the provider of the Xinhua 99 mobile devices.

The Xinhua 99 APP is installed in the Xinhua 99 mobile devices. Xinhua News Agency (“Xinhua”) will release the world’s latest and most valued news and information on the Xinhua 99 APP.

To promote the Xinhua 99 Project, China National United Advertisement Co. Ltd.(中國 廣告聯合有限責任公司)and Suning.com Group Co. Ltd. (“Suning”) have also entered into cooperation agreement, pursuant to which, both parties will leverage their respective resources and competitive advantages to fully utilize Xinhua 99 mobile device and Xinhua 99 APP platform. They plan to develop a close and integrated cooperation in advertising, mobile devices distribution, mobile applications promotion, user acquisitions and e-commerce in order to promote quality consumer consumptions and sharing economy. Furthermore, the “Suning Yigou” APP and the ‘Suning Finance’ APP will also be installed in the Xinhua 99 mobile device. Suning will leverage its online and offline channel resources to promote Xinhua 99 mobile devices to millions of household. It is expected that the Xinhua 99 APP will be able to serve a large community.

We are sure that the cooperation with Jiu Jiu in the Xinhua 99 Project, the Group can leverage the extensive network of Xinhua’s affiliates and strategic partners, in particular, the network with large-scale enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China. In addition, with the cooperation between Xinhua and Suning, the “Xinhua 99” dual-screen mobile devices can be widely promoted in both the wholesale and consumer market, thereby creating additional revenue to the Group’s mobile technologies business and improving the Group’s profitability to deliver long-term benefits to the Group and the shareholders of the Company. Accordingly, the Directors believe that the cooperation with Jiu Jiu under the Agreement will be in the interest of the Company and its shareholders as a whole.

YOTA3+ a new international version, based on the latest YETI4 platform inside available for online order!

Finally we are glad to introduce a new international version of YOTA3+ to global market. Online ordering and shipping is available for Hong Kong, China and other countries.

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YOTA3+ on YETI 4 platform launched!

To express our gratitude for the long-standing support of our YotaPhone's fans and bring the extraordinary user experience of our latest generation of YETI (YOTA EPD Technology Integration) solution to them, we are pleased to announce that on the upcoming Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival (HKCCF) 2018 there will be the debut of a new international trial version of dual-screen smartphone - YOTA3+ with our 4th generation of YETI integrated. The pre-order bundle of YOTA3+ will be launched by one of authorized distributor during 24th August to 27th August on HKCCF 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

As many of you might already know, our YotaPhone, winner of CES 2013 and Cannes Lions Innovation Award 2013, catapulted to fame and lured many fans. Apple co-founder Steve Woznyak spoke of the phone as a gorgeous idea. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented YotaPhone 2 as a national gift to Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2014. Next gen phone YOTA3, released for Mainland China's market at the end of 2017, with eBook reader apps preloaded and a huge volume of ebooks available for free subscription, also attracted lots of active young generation and eBook lovers.

And now YOTA3+ is unveiled as a new international version, based on the latest YETI4 inside!

While YOTA3+ hardware is the same with YOTA3, the software was completely reworked for both displays. YOTA3+ runs on latest Android 8.1 (YOTA3 was on Android 7.1). The smartphone was built on a completely new generation of the company's software platform - YETI 4. The new platform includes a lot of new features and really makes the smartphone a global product for use all over the world to bring the extraordinary experience of testing the company's latest double screen technologies.

For our new YETI 4 a lot of extraordinary new features and functions have been added:

App2Back. allows any Android Apps on Google Play Store (e.g., Gmail, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kindle, etc.) to be seamlessly transferred to Electronic Paper Display (EPD) freely and work simultaneously and independently with the applications on Color screen. Users can open one application on one screen, but at the same time they can open and view another different application on another screen. For instance, they can run Google search on EPD for reference materials or information while they are writing emails in Gmail on color screen instead of switching between different apps on one screen. In addition, users can easily transfer any Application between screens to utilize advantages of each screen in different scenarios.

Always On. EPD does not consume energy to display image. That's why it is Always On! The Always-On feature offers the instant and convenient way for users to get "Always-On" informational display with almost no power consumption. Users can easily create personalized widgets that will show notifications, clock, weather, calendar events etc. They can set diversified wallpapers on EPD to serve as Always-On phone cases for decoration.

Lock Screen. Lock screen function is not just available on front screen, but also available freely on EPD screen. Users can select their favorite pictures, wallpapers, widgets as their lock screen, which provides much higher flexibility than the lock screen in front screen because EPD lock screen is always on.

Reading. EPD is the best for reading. You can read anything on it: books, news, blogs, social networks, emails etc. Moreover, EPD has no harm to eyes because it is like paper. Also, it doesn't emit dangerous blue light that all the color screens do. Enjoy paper-like reading experience!

YotaSnap. Due to Always On nature of EPD, user can save a picture with important information on EPD side even when your phone is totally dead with no battery!

YotaSelfie. You can easily make selfies on high-quality back-side camera having clear preview on EPD side. Enjoy beautiful selfies and share them with friends especially under a bright sunny day!

Using under the Sun. EPD display is the best display for using under the sun, because it is like paper! Just move to EPD side when you are under bright sun and continue your work there so that you can enjoy the use of your phone under any kind of lighting environments

YETI is solely developed and owned by YOTA Technologies. As it was announced before, YETI solution is now open to all business customers and manufacturers/suppliers.

For any enquires (distribution, pre-orders etc.) on YOTA3+, please feel free to contact us at sales@yotadevices.com

For partnership and use of YETI please contact us at bizdev@YOTATECHNOLOGIES.COM

YOTA Technologies, A New Brand of Yota Devices,
Steers Business Strategy in a New Direction

(Hong Kong, 14 June 2018) Yota Devices (YOTA), the well-known creator of the world's first dual screen smartphone with E-Paper Display — YotaPhone, is pleased to announce the change of its business strategy.

YOTA has accumulated vast experience in creating complex software, technological solutions, and has formed a strong and highly qualified engineering team. Under the YOTA Technologies' brand, the company will focus on delivering innovative solutions and new technologies, both hardware and software, for manufacturers and wide range of business areas related to modern technologies.

Today, YOTA Technologies presents its proprietary software platform named "YOTA EPD Technology Integration" (YETI) for dual-screen devices, single EPD devices, IoT, wearables and other electronic devices. YETI, which was previously available only on devices under the brands of YotaPhone and YOTA, is now available to any device manufacturer or business customer. This software platform significantly extends opportunities of any company, which is going to implement dual-screen technology or Electronic Paper Display on their devices.

Recently YOTA has delivered a new generation of YETI platform for Android 8 and continued to expand and support the platform on different products. YETI platform ensures easy Plug & Play installation, and offer wide range of features, previously available only on YotaPhone and YOTA.

Working as a solution provider, YOTA Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with Guangzhou OED Technologies, a world leader in R&D and manufacturing of E-Paper displays, in various display development areas. The companies established synergic cooperation in the field of software development to optimize performance of displays based on Electronic Ink technology. As a result, YOTA Technologies has developed a proprietary software controller for the latest generation of OED displays, which significantly enriches OED display solution with newly added features and functions.

EPD market grows and new technologies with updated user experience should only stimulate the growth. Combined offer of OED's new innovative products with YOTA's flexible plug-and-play solutions becomes very beneficial to customers due to its unprecedented, easy integration and better performance which can bring maximum value with each device. This is an excellent example of combining technologies, solutions and products. Via the collaboration of YOTA Technologies and Guangzhou OED Technologies, it can help to strengthen position of both companies in the global E-paper display market.

YOTA enthusiastically meets recently announced new technologies of OED and is going to deliver outstanding solutions, opening new horizons for customers and extending markets for partners. YOTA Technologies has expanded its footprints and continues its path as a reputable technology provider for various B2B areas, committed to deliver innovations far beyond EPD and smartphones area.