Online Collaboration Tools For Remote Working

COVID-19 pandemic has made universities and corporations switch to remote learning and dealing . Therefore, if you’ve got never opted for the remote working option, this switch are often quite difficult for you. you would like to possess up-to-date your online collaboration tools to make sure smooth communication and task management.

Since I started my business just a month ago, I had to modify to remote working quite abruptly. A smooth internet connection was required to speak with my peers so I subscribed to at least one of the foremost attractive and high-speed Spectrum internet speeds in my area. Besides that, I had to use several other online collaborative tools also to manage my business operations effectively.

What Are Online Collaboration Tools?

Online collaborative tools allow you to manage meetings, tasks, and projects associated with your business while staying connected together with your team anywhere round the globe. These tools facilitate several business operations besides bridging gaps between remote location workers. There are several free tools available online that are helping entrepreneurs empower their teams with more transparency and better resource optimization.So, here are some effective online collaboration tools which will make various business operations easier for you to manage:


ProofHub is undoubtedly the simplest task and project management software available online. It allows you to plan your projects with the assistance of varied unique business tools. It also makes it easier for you to collaborate together with your team, assign them tasks, and deliver the projects in time. you’ll also set dependencies on tasks which will enable you to plan your project-related activities easily.

It an excellent platform for having one-to-one or a gaggle meeting together with your team members. So, you’ll be ready to share project/product related details together with your employees easily. Since it requires alittle bandwidth, you’ll stay connected even with low Internet speeds. one among its most celebrated features is its notification aggregation from various channels like Twitter and Asana extra.

If you don’t have a business messenger app yet, Chanty could be the proper choice for you. it’s user-friendly, transparent, and accessible. It also features a large space for storing and limitless history capacity. So, if your team member shares something important on this app, you don’t got to download it as that information will remain safe thereon . you’ll also share heavy business files together with your team members through this platform. a bit like Facebook messenger, it’s an AI algorithm that saves your typing time. Not only that, but this app also provides you the choice to try to to both audio and video calls.

It is an app developed by Cisco that permits its users to rearrange , host, and join online meetings. So, whether you would like to rearrange a gathering for training or customer support, this app is a perfect choice for you.


Slack may be a famous platform with many users round the world. a bit like “Chanty,” Slack offers users to share information, texts, and files. It can also be integrated with other popular tools like Trello and Intercom.

Skype may be a popular platform that permits users to interact in audio and video calls with one another . you’ll use this app on all types of devices like laptops, computers, and mobiles extra. Through screen sharing, you’ll discuss important project details and presentations together with your team. It also offers a free messaging feature. If you’re using it for your business, you’ll make local and long-distance calls at a really cheap price.

Hangouts is a complicated Online collaboration tool developed by Google. It offers an
uninterrupted voice and video calling experience to its users. It also can allow you to talk together with your team members and share important files.

It is an excellent and helpful app for graphic designers. It offers various tools which will help in creating unique designs easily. Besides that, it also offers a feature that permits you to share your work together with your team members. Team members can rate this work and share their comments with the graphic designers. This platform is crammed with thousands of templates that folks can use to make engaging visual content.

This app enables website developers to make unique designs for his or her websites. You don’t need to work with repeated design elements on this platform anymore. It enables you to style the web site once and use it anywhere easily.

It is an excellent app for developing user interfaces for other mobile applications and online
platforms. This software allows developers to upload designs and receive feedback easily. Effective and quick communication also makes experimentation far more efficient.While I find of these apps and tools quite useful, I always attempt to purchase/download those apps and services which will integrate with other tools and make collaboration easier. the rationale behind preferring to dial Spectrum over the opposite services was that its app can integrate seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices.

Therefore, pick only such quite tools as they will greatly facilitate project management together with your team.


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